Amistat | DiscovrTV Prague

Twins creating music from the inside out. This time on (A)VOID floating gallery in Prague for DiscovrTV performing their single Something Wrong. Born with the closeness and understanding that only twins could share, Josef and Jan produce a unique synergy through the use of tight knit harmonies, shaped by an honest, storytelling vocal tone. Amistat is able to communicate their inspirations, drawn from a life on the road; infusing their sentiments, hopes and ambitions to develop a unique and honest message to their audiences. Highlighting their individuality, the brothers bring together their contrasting musical styles and personalities to create a balanced sound, which is soaked in melancholy. The brothers manage to fascinate and entertain anything from an intimate house concert to a rowdy festival crowd. The AMISTAT experience boasts intimate performances, live energy, motivational speaking, cheeky humour and honest emotional sentiments. Location // (A)VOID floating gallery Sound recording // Aitcher Clark Sound editing // Martin Lumsden & Cream Room Sound Productions Host // Michal Ded Camera & Production // Marie De La Montagne

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